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Thread: Are Smart Phones Hackable?

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    Are Smart Phones Hackable?

    The G1 and the iPhone are the top phones i can think of, and I wanted to ask if anyone knew of a way to play emulators of "backed up" games from ANY system (doesnt matter because who doesnt enjoy going old school with the SNES).

    I know on the G1 (which is the phone that I have) currently has the SNES emulator in the download Market but i read the comments and the emulator is not very good. I would like to know if anyone knew about any other possibilities.

    And I would also like to keep this thread open to discussion with other interesting "applications", and etc.-- anything that can modify the phones to become distinct or improve the way we use our smart phones

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    i have an iPhone and you can play any emulator if you jailbreak it and get all the app store games free

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    I know you can jailbreak iTouches and iPhones to do that as Twizted said and i've read some where that you can flash the firmware on your phone to mod it.

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    I have an AT&T Fuze and I only got the SNES emulator working. You don't need to jailbreak it, or flash/hack it, just install the emulator and key mapper and maybe a few drivers (for the harder-to-emulate games).

    Even easier are the older Windows Mobile phones that have a lower resolution (QVGA resolution), and can run even more emulators, including GBA, SNES, and even Playstation 1 (FPSEce).

    But I think an android is best if you want to get the best running emulators. All depends on what you want in a phone. The iphone unfortunately only supports two button presses, meaning, certain moves in SNES cannot be executed, like the run-jump combo to get to hard-to-reach places. I noticed in Donkey Kong it's impossible (at least almost impossible, perhaps a skilled gamer could do it?) to reach certain points without pressing three buttons at the same time. This can only be done on key-boarded phones.

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    Anything WinMo based is hackable. Pretty much any smartphone on the market can be hacked. Just do the research to find out how. If you have a smartphone (WinMo or Android based) and haven't done so, I'd suggest checking out the following forums:

    PPC Geeks

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    palm pre is going to the top maybee if the android doesnt beat it to death. iphone is so difficult to jailbreak. hacking the palm pre is easy. I dont know if its just me but phones are easy to hack.

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    on my toshiba G900, i've upgraded my firmware from Windows mobile 6 to 6,5 with apps pre installed, even if it's not official suported, so ya, everything can be hacked sooner or later.

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