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Thread: Error 324, Which cios, which backup loader?

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    Us Error 324, Which cios, which backup loader?

    Hello everyone, im a noob here . Sorry to sound like an idiot. I just dont know if I'm using the right cios or what updated ones to use! I have the homebrew channel working and have the the backup loader channel 0.3 ios249. I've tried the title deleter and ciosfix, but i just cant get my burnt games to load. I always get an error 324, I'm using DVD-R and I've tried verbatim and memorex and ever DVD+R. What am I doing wrong? I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Error 324 is a bad media error. You should go out and buy a Sony DVD-R. Get ImgBurn (its free) and use it to burn the Image to the Disk. Also, make sure that you are using a .iso file. You should not burn a .rar or compressed file. The file should be 4.37GB (or 4.7GB).

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    Most people would recommend Verbatim DVD-R, not sure about Sony but worth a try. Definately use Imgburn though, use a slow speed 2x or 4x.

    Do you have any problems with retail games? Does the laser search a lot?

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    I do use imgburn and the game is an iso, but maybe i'm not doing it right. I have tried the Sony DVD+R but still not working.

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    The laser in the cd slot blinks blue alot? Yes many people have recommended the verbatim cds. Any steps I should take? I have only tried to burn downloaded games.

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    Have you tried DVD-R not +R like abitnoobish mentioned.
    Downloaded games should work no they will work.If you using following the Golden Rule and using Imgburn on an ISO burning at 2X to a -R DVD and it's not wokring then try another loader like NeoGamma.Also does your Wii play an Original ok?
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    yes gforced I am using DVD-R and my wii plays originals o.k. I will try Neogamma. What version? Gotta good link?

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    Here try this.NeoGamma R6
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    I'm at school right now but will try when i get home and let u know how it worked out. Get back to u later. Thanks!


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