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Thread: new to wii hacking, have many questions. help please

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    new to wii hacking, have many questions. help please

    I have a wii that i bought when it first came out(not sure what u call it). I have the homebrew channel on 4.0U. I want to be able to download vc and wiiware games and play backups but i dont know what to download. I've searched a lot and i keep finding instructions that were posted a year ago. I tried installing usb loader and got 'error 2011'.. I backed up my wii using bootmii and got the hbc using bannerbomb. I just wanna know what the best way of doing this is because i dont want to follow some instructions and brick my wii.


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    4.0 Wiis tend to block installation of fake signed code, i.e. anything you need to run Wiiware, VC or any other interesting homebrew stuff.

    To get around this issue you need to install a cIOS on your system, luckily there are several ways to do this.

    Easy Way

    cboot method

    You should then be able to play backups (after a fashion) and install vc and wiiware.


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