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Thread: How you play burnt Gamecube games on a softmod Wii?

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    How you play burnt Gamecube games on a softmod Wii?

    How do you play burnt GC games?
    My backup launcher doesn't work, is another program required?

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    Yup you do We Hack Wii: Custom MIOS Installer (rev 03) there ya go after you install that you should be set to go

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

    Wiihacks IRC
    Brawl: 2406-5287-1013

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    Only problem is, you cannot download the file from the link you gave. I tried and the damn thing is in spanish and Im sure it says Ive navigated to a bad page or the page I navigated too is no longer working.

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    Hey Jona, I've have a question about the link you sent me. After installing the MIOS were would I load the games? using a backup launcher or the disc channel?

    Edit: the link no longer works.
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    google search for gamecube backup channel mate

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    just follow the readme you just need to install a couple of files some games don't work but i have been able to play every gamecube backup with this loader

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    will try that loader bro and get back to ya .. thank you ..

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    No problem just tell me if it works if you can

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    woohoo got it working loverly .. my wii is running softmod on 4.1e with gamma loader7 ..


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