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Thread: How do i figure out what kinda chip my modded wii has in it???

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    How do i figure out what kinda chip my modded wii has in it???

    any ansewr will help im new to it, i need emulators as well if anyone knows where to get good ones. also i want to update. , is this safe??

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    open your wii console and look inside you will see a icon on your modechip :)

    be carfull lol

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    I'm not totally sure on the first question, but theres a good chance its a Wiikey clone, as they are cheap as dirt (i've seen them as low as 3 bucks a piece when bought in bulk).

    Regarding emulators, there are no emulators currently available for the Wii, but the homebrew emulators written for the Gamecube work just great. I have an snes9x disk that I found on demonoid that works flawlessly. I would recommend reading into GCOS and seeing what you can find, as I do not know much about creating custom compelations.

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    I did a bit more digging and found looks like its exactly what you're after for emulation:

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