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Thread: the best chip?

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    the best chip?

    ok, so im new, and dont know anything.

    so my question to all would be, what is the best mod chip on the market.

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    +1 vote for the WiiKey.

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    +2 vote for the WiiKey.

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    3+ vote WiiKey for all non D2C Wiis

    1+ vote for D2CKey for all D2C Wiis

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    cyclowiz due to the fact that the wii key has clones (so stands a chance you wont get the real thing ) and also it has shit support

    but this topic's pretty pointless as they both do the same thing
    light travels faster than sound thats why some people look bright until they open there mouth

    Wii cyclowiz
    xbox 360 premium extreme 5.3 (xbox live banned )
    xbox 360 premuim iextreme 1.2b (xbox live good )
    ds lite m3 simply flash cart
    dreamcast no need for modding
    gamecube viper gc
    160 inch projector screen for big gaming

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    New wiikey FW (i am unable to install it though) already supports DVD-R DL, they are actually very expensive ... but you are prepared for te future.

    actually its really a problem, i got a mnodded wii+key and i dont know if it's original, i paid a high prise though

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    To know where to buy the official WiiKey just go to the official WiiKey site and look at the list of official resellers.

    Resellers :: :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip


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