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Thread: LU45; sysmenu 4.0; CIOS v38 rev 13

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    LU45; sysmenu 4.0; CIOS v38 rev 13

    The wii's firmware is on 4.0u; model version is a LU45. "Trucha Bug Restorer"
    used on this wii. CIOS v38 rev 13

    My Question is relating the USB loaders. Though I have yet to try the other loaders, I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same problem as I am.

    When I load the first ISO via USB loader GX, the game works correctly. However, when I return to the wii system menu in order to launch the USB Loader GX again, NONE of the games work. The wii seems to have crashed.

    Is this due to some kind of conflict in Waninkoko's Custom IOS Installer?

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    It's due to not using the search feature and seeing the other ~5 threads made just in the past week asking the exact same question.

    It's rev13 bug. R14 will be out this weekend. Wait it out killer.


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