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Thread: FPS wad questions

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    Us FPS wad questions

    Hello all. This is one of the first times I have actually needed help on here as I am mostly on here to help others. But now I need the help. On my PC I have Wolfenstein 3d, Quake, and Doom. I have the files and even the wads for them to become channels. What I dont have those are the file(s) needed to actually play the game (I guess they are the wad files?). I know you can get the freeware versions floating around online, but can you get the full versions online also? I am not sure what file types I am looking for with each game so if someone could tell me, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if I was to have to buy the actual game to get the files, would I just need to simply install the game and then pull that needed file off my pc?

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    i dunno what you mean really? but if you want to play those games on your wii then look no further: Quake, Doom and Wolfenstein

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    Sorry maybe I should have explaned alittle better. Ill give an example..... I downloaded doom for wii. There are a ton of files and 1 folder is called pwad but its empty. Now you can download the shareware wad and put it in there but that only gives you the first episode. I wanted all the episodes. These kind of files are needed for the other games as well.


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