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Thread: Code Manager messed up

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    Code Manager messed up

    Well.. I was trying to put codes on my SD card. So I tryed them and they didnt work! I relized they werent the right ones. So I went back and tryed to delete them so they wouldnt mess up the right ones.. It said it found codes but didnt work. but i wasnt able to delete the file or whatever it was! So I tryed changeing it properties and now I changed the orginal file not knowing how to fix it. So now im stuck trying to figure out how to make it the orginal file. Unless I get it back to the way it was, Codes wont work. Ive redownloaded it 4 times now, tryed putting mmore codes on it but nothing works!So......Then I deleted all my HBC stuff and it self, and now
    I cant find the right stuff to reget HBC.. So now ive gone mad! I was on the last step for making it working then I messed it up! so if anyone can help me! It would mean alot! so please help me if you can!

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