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Thread: Not sure where to post this but I need some help

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    Us Not sure where to post this but I need some help

    Hi, I'm obviously new here and I just got my WiiKey 2 solderless today from I have 3.3U and I've seen many posts about it not accepting some disks, etc etc. I'm confused on what to do so I'll start it out like that guy whose post I read. So here are the steps I'm going to take.

    1- install Wii Key 2
    2- update the Wii Key using ImgBurn on the boot.iso file located in the wk2UsaV1.tar thingy
    3-twilight hack? now I get confused because I'm going to need a Zelda copy that will work regardless of the trucha thing they have on the 3.3U. Will Zelda work anyway? Can someone link me to a good Zelda? If I get Zelda, then the rest of the steps are going to be that I'll use the hack to get HBC and 3.2U and be able to play original and backups, yes?

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    The Twilight hack thing seems a bit complicated, but would downgrading using the SD card work? I have 3.3U and want 3.2U > ULTIMATE System Menu 4.0 Guide

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    Wow, I am so confused, now I'm reading I don't even need to downgrade...

    I want to be able to play all VC games and Wii games original and back ups, that is my main goal. I do not want to brick my wii or render any of it's features useless except maybe the updater. Please give me the steps I need to take in order to fufill my goals. Thanks and sorry for the amount of posts.


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