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Thread: bluetooth problem

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    bluetooth problem

    I bought this wii off ebay the guy says it works fine but wont read disks. I get the thing and half the legs on the chip on the drive controller are busted off and the ribbon is ripped. So first i order a new drive and ribbon. The wii boots to the home screen fine but the remote wont sync. The remote is new and my cell phone finds it. So i order a bluetooth board from dealextreme. I put it in and the wii seems to boot but its a black screen. The old bluetooth still wont sync but boots fine. It has version 4.0usa on it. I also noticed the fan does not run. I checked all the inline fuses and all check good. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. I'm about to take a sledgehammer to it just to get some fun out of it.

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    I hope you got it dirt cheap. Mind you it does look like you've thrown extra cash at it trying to fix it as well.

    I'm no expert about Wii hardware but I'm feeling that maybe it's not the new module but the interface it fits into that's faulty. With a broken module maybe it allows the boot but with a good module it closes it. Electronics are funny things when it comes to fault finding.


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