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Thread: Whats the latest version of cios38?

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    Whats the latest version of cios38?

    Is the latest still cios38 rev 13b?

    I'm running this and obviously have the known problem with launching a game from usb gx loader having just finished a game.

    or is there another fix for this issue that doesnt require the next cios38 revision?

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    Not running cios 13b. It's pretty much a worthless release and the only reason ANYONE would run it is because they think the latest = best.

    If you're LU64+ just downgrade to 13. If you're anyone else, install rev10. Or just wait a few more days and hope r14 really is released this weekend.

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    I'm running it because rev10 wasnt allowing me to play the new games like ghostbusters, indiana jones, my sims etc. You're gonna tell me 13a or 13a could have done that!

    anyways.... so there's a new release scheduled for this weekend from wanin himself again?

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    i'm telling you 13a can, AND rev10 can.

    and yes, r14 this weekend. It can emulate NANDs. Which means you can just put a NAND on your SDCard and it'll load everything from it. I'm awaiting the "NTSC 4.1 NAND everything working, ALL VC & Wiiware titles" inevitable download.

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    wow that sounds basically you will not even have to work off your wii anymore? sd will replace internal system memory virtually, is that what i'm getting from this? cause thats not just cool, thats fucking awesome man, and i assume you can edit this virtual nand to your liking, meaning inserting channels and vc titles and such?

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    Ya, my statement above is ofc an exaggeration. And no one knows if waninkoko is able to break the 512mb limit on nand.

    But yes, r14 will load the nand from the sdcard. You'd then, in theory, only wanin knows 100%, will get a whole new system menu. In it you could install channels, remove channels, install IOS's, whatever you want. If you completely broke something. You'd just pop your sdcard back into your PC and copy a working nand back over. No harm, no foul.

    Although it sounds neat, I just want a stable release.

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    yeah i agree stability is the key

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    Topic says it's delayed until next weekend now. So hopefully it's so he can work on stability. The downside is, not sure of the circumstances, but it says if he's unable to release it next weekend it will not be released until September.


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