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Thread: What's your favourite PSP/PS2 game?

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    What's your favourite PSP/PS2 game?

    I have a couple.

    For PSP:
    DJ Max - I love music/rhythm games.
    Virtua Tennis - I am definitely not a sports gamer but for some reason this game hooked me.
    Tekken Dark Resurrection - Plenty of characters, I always liked Tekken.

    Let's hear about yours

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    I seem to be fond of all of the retro game compilations that were released for the PS2 (ie: Capcom Classics Collection, Taito collection, etc).

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    Virtua Tennis is probably one of the most addicting games on any system. I originally picked it up for the dreamcast and fell in love with it. It's works perfectly on the psp as well...

    My fav game for the psp right now is locoroco......just totally creative and whacky plus a simple control scheme.

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    PSP- right now its Loco Roco and Lumines (getting back into it). but i need to finish Daxter and GTA.

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    Well it used to be Socom II for the longest time but then all of my friends stopped playing it so I don't really have a favorite game anymore I guess.

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    PSP - Lumines and Tekken Dark Res.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myv View Post
    PSP - Lumines and Tekken Dark Res.
    I was suprised how good Tekken Dark Res. looking on the psp..definately a worthy title.

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    I reckon you can't go too far wrong with the early Burnout games on ps2. Also Ratchet and Clank is always good fun.

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    On Ps2 right now it would have to be the dragon ball Z fighters

    there just so addicting

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    for ps2

    for ps2 i say try call of duty 3 its really fun if you like shooting games!

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