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Thread: hard mod and soft mod running together ..

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    Question hard mod and soft mod running together ..

    hi there guys me again never had this before but a mate of mine has jus made me come across something i never even thought of . he has had his wii since day one and had it hard modded . i was just wondering if it is possible to softmod the wii at the same time as he is having a few problems with the hard mod i.e like games not loading and so on .. so what i want to know is with this hard mod in that has been soldered is it possible to softmod it ...

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    Apparently I have to enter more than 10 characters to make a post, so here we are.

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    Yup you should have no problem soft modding your wii. You just should probably do some reaserch 1st on HOW to softmod a wii (being hardmodded has nothing to do with softmodding)

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    softmodding it also will give you more freedom to run homebrew apps. I just recently softmodded my chipped wii and couldn't be happier, don't know how i went so long without it. But now with both i can play everything from homebrew to trucha signed backup
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    bingo, i love my hybrid wii

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    ty all very much for your answers .. well here we go i will report back guys . and ty once again .. this site rocks ...

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    The best is a combination of both. It will make the most of your wii. Hard mod really gives you the freedom to try anything.


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