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Thread: Reading USB loader from your pc or mac

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    Reading USB loader from your pc or mac

    Does anyone know if there is a patch or a driver that you can get so you could read the data on the wii formatted partition? My concern is that i have halved a hard drive between the wii and backing up some files on my server. I would like to be able to designate a hard drive for the wii. Plus as i get more and more games I would need to get a larger hard drive. I guess what i would like to do is:

    1. move the wii partition and/ resize the partition without messing up the data
    2. be able to read and write games on there with out the wii. Maybe even burn games that i have ripped.

    Speaking of which what program do you guys use for ripping and burning wii games? I have power iso but im sure it needs to be something special. thanks all!

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    WBFS manager 3.0 will do all you want on item 2. As for partitioning and not losing data, I guess you'll have to google a package for that. A regular burn sofware will work, image burn, at x4, I think works for most people.

    I have just two partitions , 100GB for WBFS, and 200GB for PC. Some people have three. If I started agian I would have three, one WBFS, one FAT and one NTFS.

    Good luck


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