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Thread: Things to avoid with a hacked Wii?

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    Things to avoid with a hacked Wii?

    Hey guys I just got my Wii on Monday from Dell when they had a $200 Wii sale; proceeded to bannerbomb the thing right when UPS dropped the thing off and now am running 3.3 safe version with USB loader.

    I have Starfaller to not update and the Miiboot I think to prevent bricks, but are there things I should avoid doing like how hacked 360 owners shouldn't go on XBL with their switch on?

    Should I avoid the Wii shop? Should I not go online or explore those other internet channels?

    The 3.3 safe update asked me if I wanted the new version of the Wii shop and I said yes so I don't know if that makes a difference......Thanks.

    Also is it safe in saying all games that I rent from Gamefly should work in my Wii or are there games out there that require you to have a certain update for it to run?

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    Use WAD Manager to do what's in my sig. Provided you're using a high compatibility loader like USB Loader GX or Neogamma, all games are going to work. Some, however, may require different methods due to problems. However, softmod compatbility IS 100%. Just not 100% with any 1 particular boot method.

    As for internet, no. You can go online all you want mod'd. You can play games on wifi all you want. The only time nintendo cares is if you're a cheating PoS online.

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    I'd avoid downgrading to 3.2 and then updating using a disc. I'd also avoid using wad manager to delete any IOS.


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