Sorry for starting a new thread, I don't think the old one is applicable any more now I think I know what chip I have....

Basically I have a Jap Wii with a D2Ckey (D2C KEY-17 or D2C KEY-I7) installed. Currently have firmware 4.1J installed. I can play some PAL originals and some backups but most simply show a black screen. All backups have been patched using RegionFrii and BrickBlocker and burnt at 1x and 2x.

I've read that patching some ISO may make them unplayable. With a D2Ckey, do backup ISO need to be patched with RegionFrii? Also the same with BrickBlocker, since I have read that a chipped Wii will still operate if it is updated?

I've also read that the D2Ckey can't be updated or modified via a boot menu or utility disk. Is this still the case? If so what I can do to make this Wii work?

Will a backup launcher like Gecko be any useful in this scenario?

We have bought a UK Wii Fit and really want to make it work on this Wii but like other games it's just showing a black screen. Even tried a backup Wii Fit, same thing.

Sorry for so many questions, I have no idea what's wrong and simply just want to get this Wii to work properly.

Thanks in advance.