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Thread: D2Pro & Wii Firmware 4.0?

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    D2Pro & Wii Firmware 4.0?

    i have this chip:
    Solderless D2pro 9 on a Clip (Free Triwing) - $77.00 :, Australian Supplier of WiiKey, D2CKey, M3DS, R4DS and CycloDS
    and i wish to update my wii to firmware 4.0.
    i have never updated my chip's firmware, so it is still on whatever it came with, so can i do this, and if so, how do i do it? thanks

    Edit: I want fw 4.0 coz i need the SD channel thing coz i only have like 200 blocks free on my wii, and i have deleted most of my wiiware/VC's/gamesaves and wish to use them off my SD card
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