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Thread: WAD Region Converter and black screens

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    WAD Region Converter and black screens

    This is the first time this has happened. I'm trying to convert several NTSC WADs in order to run on my PAL Wii. Everything installs find, but when the channel is launched the screen goes black and the Wiimote turns off.

    Firmware: 4.0e
    Installer: WAD Manager 1.4
    Converter: WAD Region Converter

    Any ideas?

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    Hm, Have u tried reconverting the wad?, it might help.

    Wii 4.0U (Waninkoko updater)
    USB Loader GX
    PC: (Laptop) Windows 7 Ultimate--4gb RAM--Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD--320gbHDD--1TB WD Elements HDD--Bright, glossy widescreen 15.6 WLED display (1366x768)

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    Yip! I've converted from NTSC to PAL (and REGIONFREE) several times, but still the same effect.

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    this is the exact problem i have, it's only happening with newer wads, three so far:

    > onslaught
    > sandy beach
    > water warfare(really want to try this one *sob*)

    i've tried diff version of wad installer(1.3 instead of 1.4)
    tried removing all trace of channels(any title deleter) then reinstall
    tried deleting and reinstalling older ones, they work fine
    also, i installed snowboard riot(older) at the same time as the above 3 and it works

    are we perhaps missing an ios? is it a problem with v4.0 wii(tried waninkoko's 4.1 and still nothing)?


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    yeah, tried both pal + region free

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    How about this:

    There is a PC app called freethewads.exe

    unpack it on the root of your c drive and place the wad you want to convert on the root of your c drive and run freethewads (its a command line interface though so you will need to look for a tutorial) you can change the region of VCs and Wiiware or make it region free.

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    will give it a try, thanks

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    tried freethewads pal + region free, but made no difference.

    Also, i downloaded a pal version of onslaught, and that now works. I tried several versions of water warfare but they're all ntsc-u, and converting them doesn't seem to help.

    Has anyone got water warfare working on a pal wii? Could someone link me to a pal download please.

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    confirmed, newer wads(ntsc) won't work on a pal wii.

    here's some pal wads
    this page has bit boy(awesome, original, fun game) and water warfare. an lots of others in pal, so they will work.

    Wiiware pal wad files - 3357 files

    Has anyone found the opposite happening(pal wad not working on ntsc of late)?

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    same happens to me with super mario allstars, does anybody have a pal version of this that works

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