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Thread: Trucha Bug Restorer help

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    Trucha Bug Restorer help

    I currently have a virgin wii 4.0 with a drivekey chip. I was seeing if its possible to use bannerbomb to run the trucha bug restorer, i've only been able to find little on this and i was seeing if its possible to do this without the homebrew channel and without softmodding my wii, i'd prefer to stay with 4.0 since drivekey seems to work with all games with it. If this is possible please let me know, i would love to play a few trucha signed games.

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    if i were to install the HBC and use this tutorial:

    would i be able to remove the after and still have the trucha fix

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    Just an update if anyone ever has this same question. I installed the HBC for the first time just fine, i then ran the above file to add the trucha fix and that went well. Now i'm able to play trucha signed discs. I've also been able to run Wad Manager 1.4 without any problems. Now i'm enjoying my 4.0U wii even more, I couldn't be happier.
    HBC 1.0.6
    Trucha Bug Fix
    cIOS38 rev14
    Wad Manager 1.5
    USB Loader GX


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