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Thread: Total Noob Help with Soft mod Wii

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    Question Total Noob Help with Soft mod Wii


    I just bought an already modded wii. But I have 002 error with few games.

    I'm a total noob when it comes to gaming consoles and this is my first console after PS1.

    I have to play through back up channel only. The back up channel reads as .3 gamma with IOS 249. The firmware is 3.2U.

    How do I go about now to get rid of the 002 error. How do I know whih cifos has been installed by the shopkeeper.

    Please help as I am a total noob and am totally confused with the guides.

    Thanks so much

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    you only need to update your cios and backup loader mk - install cios13a first then install neogamma backup launcher channel with wad manager...have a read through all the guides and you may learn a thing or two that may come in handy in the future


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