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Thread: Homebrew + Wasabi DX

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    Talking Homebrew + Wasabi DX

    Hey guys,

    I just installed a wasabi dx in my wii and was curious on what kind of softmods you guys use in conjunction with the wasabi dx. I'm under the impression that I would still need the homebrew channel to run USB Loader GX, correct? I want to be able to load games via usb rather than burning them to disc. From what i've gathered so far... I would need the Hackmii, bannerbomb, and cIOS38_rev13 exploits. Are all these exploits needed to get USB Loader GX running with my wasabi dx?


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    Yep. and grats on being swindled into a modchip you obviously dont need.

    Just follow any softmod guide bro. You'll be good to go.


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