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Thread: After installing Preloader, Wii start up lag, sys menu music lag?

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    After installing Preloader, Wii start up lag, sys menu music lag?

    Just installed Preloader and I think everything went okay. However, I've got a few questions. I noticed that the Wii takes a little bit longer to start up and get to the health screen, which is understandable because Preloader is obviously in there now. Also, when I get into the System Menu, the initial start up music lags a little bit and is sometimes cut off. Is this all normal after installing Preloader?

    Also, when I go to some of the options in Preloader such as "Installed File" and "Load/Install File" it gives me an error like "Error autobooting file, try reinstalling!" Is everything okay and it's just ready for me to put a clean IOS or system menu file on my SD card?

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    Th startup lag is completely normal, but I don`t really know abot the second part.

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    error autobooting probably means you don't have a boot.dol in the root of your sd, which is understandble, that option is in case you cannot get into HBC, in case it got screwed up or something...the music lag is weird, i know on my wii sometimes the system music plays perfectly but other times, the volume spikes and then almost disappears...other times channels will only play a part of their music...maybe its the hacks that cause it, but it doesn't bother me

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    Jeez I don't like the sound of this, perhaps get rid of preloader ?
    I dont have it and mine works fine.


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