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Thread: Grand Theft Auto

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    Grand Theft Auto

    Does anyone know is Grand Theft Auto game is available for Wii?

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    i know. it's not.

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    only one close to it is driver parallel lines but it sucks :P

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    That's bad!
    Since I like reality games like Disaster and I thought Grand Theft Auto would be a good edition.
    does anyone can point me to some simillar games like Disaster or Grand Theft Auto..?

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    The only sandbox games for Wii, with a similar "feel" are The Godfather & Scarface.

    I'd personally recommend Scarface of the two. Also, if you just want a sandbox style game sans violence, there's Bully Academy.

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    i think there is/will be one

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    i think listening to random forum people about their pure speculation on GTA in Wii will make you a sad little man.

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    its gonna come out in 20.. something on earth


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