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Thread: Checkin what firmware u are?? and upgrading :D

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    Checkin what firmware u are?? and upgrading :D

    I used the zelda hack to install the homebrew channel and then used some 'cIOS' thing.
    but now i am unsure which firmware my wii is on. is there a way to check???

    also if the new games need a newer version do u upgrade or something??


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    wii system menu its in the top right corner

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    Dont do any disc updates period. They wont brick your wii (unless the game is out of region) but it will cause some homebrew not to work. You can update your wii to 4.0 by following the tuts on here.

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    ahh thanks, i see i am on 3.3e.

    thanks i check out the tutorials.


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