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Thread: Noob ?

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    Noob ?

    I have soft modded my wii. But my ? is, can I now turn on wii connect? Will they see its modded and ban me? Thank you.

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    They wont ban you, no. However, depending on what firmware you have, they CAN push an update on you which will completely remove your softmod & even possibly brick you.

    If you're on old firmware, like 3.1, you can safely enable WiiConnect24. You just have to make sure to always say NO to any updates it asks you to do.

    You will never be banned from wifi though unless you are a cheating PoS.

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    they still prompt on a v3.2 also

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    As of now, no updates have been forced down our throats but it is an option. There has also been no bans in regard to softmods, only people using cheats on Mario Kart Wii.


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