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Thread: What's the best 8GB SDHC card for homebrew?

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    What's the best 8GB SDHC card for homebrew?

    I had been using a Transcend 4GB for a while but it started to fill up, and had been getting write errors. I decided to get a 8GB Patriot because Nintendo said that most SDHC cards were now compatible... wrong. It's only compatible with WiiWare games, without any Homebrew channel compatibility whatsoever.

    I've been looking around and the only compatibility database I could find is fairly limited. I've been looking at newegg, and the best class 6 8GB cards that I could find for my price range appear to be the RiDATA, A-Data, and the Transcend. Has anyone had any problems with homebrew and/or WiiWare storage on any of these cards?

    Does class 6 support really help transfer speeds on the Wii that much?

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    Well, I think that I'm gonna go with the A-DATA, I'll reply here later and let everyone know how everything goes. Thanks for being so helpful...

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    Well first, how dare nintendo not certify that their statement would cover 3rd party homebrew applications. I hate those guys.

    Second, i dont think too many people use, or even see any point in having an 8gb card. I rock a 128mb card. There's about, roughly, 30mb of it being used.


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