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Thread: No prompt for 4.0 update...

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    No prompt for 4.0 update...

    Hi all - Been on this site and my homebrew wii tonight and i've not had any prompt on the wii for a 4.0 update

    it was online as i went on the store and on check mii out channel..

    however it seemed the latest news on my site was may 22nd.. that seemed odd.

    Can i update the store without doing the 4.0 update???

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    yes you can, install ios60 if im not wrong, you could update using waninkokos 4.0 updater if you wanted
    Here to help in anyway shape and or form (or at least try, ive been out of the wii scene for quite a while)

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    I'll google them and download, a few people are saying that the Waninkoko update bricked their machines, buy i'll try it, maybe.

    also someone else mentioned to only run the CIOS60 while in 4.0 firmware, so i'll guess i cant just do that on its own.


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