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Thread: wii powers down

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    wii powers down

    i have read the numerous posts on here about the problems with usb hdd. I cannot seem to find the probelm my friend is having and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. His wii is running the bannerbomb for version4 and ios rev13a. everything is working fine until he switches off the wii. If he switches off and switches back on the power light comes on on the wii and then shuts down. he has to unplug and wait some time before he can use it again. could it be because he is not switching of the usb hdd before switching on the wii again.

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    I would redo the entire install first, sounds like he may have missed something important. Also I would tell him to stay on Cios Rev 10 for now.

    * Does this also happen when the usb isnt plugged in? What about after running from a disc?
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