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Thread: I need some help, ima newbie lol

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    I need some help, ima newbie lol

    im lost lol I installed the new bannerbomb kit on my WII, i got the homebrew chan, i can even play emus but when i go to play a backup i get no cios! wtf!

    I used the Cios in the bannerbomb kit and it looked like it went threw all the steps. Am i doing something wrong?

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    i dont think there was a cIOS in the bannerbomb kit...
    all there was was homebrew channel, bootmii, and something else that wasent a cios

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    Ya. What i'd do there, and this is just me mind you. I'd follow an actual guide. Now where to find one of those? The TWO sections labeled "guides" on this site are actually traps. They're full of laser wearing crocodiles.

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    As the others have said, no cIOS in necessary for the wii to work. Just go to the guides section. They are not a trap. Ossot was just being silly.


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