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Thread: Can I use a hard drive with stuff already on it?

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    Can I use a hard drive with stuff already on it?

    I've gotten USB Loader GX onto my Wii and I have an external USB Hard Drive I'd like to use with it to back up some games. The hard drive is 150 GB, but I'm already using about 80 GB and I don't want to delete any of that stuff. Can I still use it with my Wii while keeping my other files?

    I don't know much about Hard Drives but I read that I have to make the hard drive in WBFS format, but I'm not sure what that is. Can I make it into that format without deleting my old files?

    I've downloaded WBFS Manager onto my Windows laptop, and I have an iMac with Disk Utility, if that will help.

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    You will need to resize the current partition. Google it, tons of tools to do that. And none are related to Wii hacking, just general computer stuff.

    Afterwards, you'll have the remaining as "free space" and you can format the rest as WBFS. A USB Loader, or WBFS Manager 3.0 can do that for you.

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    OK let me see if I understand.

    Right now my hard drive is one partition and I'm using 80 out of 150 GB on it? So I have to make it so there are two partitions, one that is 80 GB for my old files, and the rest I format as WBFS for my Wii stuff?

    I just want to understand the basic concepts of what Im doing before I do anything. Thanks for the quick reply.

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    Yep, right now you have one 150gb partition, with 80 being used.

    You will resize that partition to 82 or whatever kind of buffer you want. The remaining space will be "unpartitioned" or "free space"

    You will then create a WBFS partition with the remaining storage. Your Wii games will go on it.

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    Wow, thanks a lot man, that really helps! Ill be sure to post again if I have any questions.

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    Hey Ossot(or anyone else), can you recommend me a good free program I can get to create and manage partitions? You said to google it but I can't find any free ones that seem safe to download. Any recommendations?

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    If you have vista, it can resize partitions.

    control panel -> admin tools - > computer management -> disk management -> right click it, 'Shrink Volume'

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