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Thread: Ghostbusters Green Screen

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    Ca Ghostbusters Green Screen

    I know, there are tons of posts about this and I apologize for making yet another one for your fair board to have to sort through. I have read the others and come up hopeless and this is my attempt to regain said hope.

    I am currently running a 4.0U Wii with the following installed.

    CIOS 38 Rev 13b (I couldn't find A and 13, which i assume is A, would not work)
    CIOS 35
    CIOS 36
    CIOS 60
    NEOGAMMA R6 (from this board)
    Gecko 1.9.01 (I think that's it)

    If someone here tells me all I need to do is slap this bad boy around a little, I am more than willing to do so.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I'm not 100% on this, but I think 13b will flat not work with Ghostbusters and the anti 002fix. It undoes what the anti 002 fix does.

    If you're not using LU64+, downgrade to cios rev10, since 13a wont work for you. Just run the 10 installer. Then, in neogamma settings, turn the 002 fix to "Anti".

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    Thank you for your reply. Can I just run the wad file for IOS38-64-v3610 or do I need to do some sort of downgrading first?

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    You dont just install wads to install the cios's. If that's what you did for rev13b. You didnt install rev13b.

    All you need to do, nothing else, regardless of what you HAVE done is:

    Download rev10 installer:

    Place it in your \apps\ folder.

    Download ios36.

    Place it, the wad, on the root of your sd card.

    Run the installer through HBC. Then do the Anti 002 thing I mention above.

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    I just want you to know, that I love you right now more than any other human being on this planet.

    Thank you very much for your help. Problem solved and working.

    Now, should I leave Anti 002 on always?

    And again, thank you very, very much.
    "Keep Your Stick on the Ice"
    - Red Green

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    Nah, only need anti 002 for Indiana Jones, Ghostbuster, and a few others.

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    What Ossot said about the 002 is cool.

    (neogamma6 on PAL 4.0E (rev10)

    The only thing extra i have to do is:

    1. turn on 002 fix
    2. eject the gb backup a split second before the wrist strap warning screen appears and re insert it and the game plays fine.

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    Cool. Thank you guys very much for the help. I really appreciate it.
    "Keep Your Stick on the Ice"
    - Red Green

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    Ghostbust## Final fix

    And the heavens opened up,and the gold began to fall.
    Spread this all around. The ghostbust## fix, once and for all.

    OK kidies. Everyone is missing two things!!!!!!!!!!
    First off,this is for people running off a burned dvd. I use s#ny dvd-r.
    Img B#rn is used to burn my iso file that was recieved through rapid #hare.
    Settings are defult with a speed of 4x.Thats the burning part. I relize that there are crappy iso files out there, but mine happened to be good.Oh um i own the game toooo. Winkal Dinkal

    Second. Start Over!!!!!!!!!!!! Say What!!!!!!!!!!! 3.3u is where im doing this.
    Use drowngrade tutorial if you are at 4.0 or 3.4 to go down and use ios uninstaller to get rid of un patched 249. Just bare with me on this.
    Remember the dark ages with gator beta. Thats where you need to be at for now. Install that good old cios 249 that was needed for beta. Next use that good old cios installer that came with gator gamma.Then install with any wad manager ios38-64-v3609.wa#, ios53-64-v4113.wa# and ios55-64-v4633.wa# .There is a little pack out there floating around called ghostbust## fix that has those three files in it. Now install that great advancement for homebrew, custom cios rev 13a ,not b,custom ios using default install of 249.
    My hbc channell is 1.0.3 before all of this. Now use neogamma r4. I know there is newer ,but im showing u what worked for me. You are good to go!!!!!
    There is no green screen.There is no freeze at safty screen. All other games work.

    Everyone was forgetting that old 249 and the gamma cios custom install.
    If you notice the rev 13a install, it will patch 249. No 249, you get problems.
    And then there is the custom cios install that is supposed to go with gator gamma to begin with. Neogamma is a off shoot of gator gamma. No custom cios for gamma, neogamma is gonna give you problems.

    Then there is those three wads in ghostbust## fix file. I personally dont know if that did it or not. Not gonna take the time to find out.If it aint broke dont fix it.

    Does rev 13b work with this pain in the butt game, does neogamma r6 r5 work, try it out.

    This is my first post ever. Probally wont reply to anything. Hope it works for everyone else!!!!!!!!!

    Spread this to other forums and give the old "in the shadows" a little credit.

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    Anyone reading the above post to fix ghostbusters would better spend their time chucking their Wii out the window.

    have a great night.

    edit: I read half of it and my IQ dropped 10 points and i feel high.
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