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Thread: wii sports problem

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    wii sports problem


    I have two games wii sports, and RE4. For some reason wii sports isn't recgonized by the system menu, but it is when I run it thru the gecko os. RE4 works on both.

    I have a preloader, custom firmware 4.0U, and cios10 I think(whatever came with backup loader .3 gamma).

    Is there any way to run the game the normal way?

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    Install CIOSCORP, it will allow you to play games thru the disk channel.

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    But i'd also recommend you downgrade to system menu 3.2, use one of the excellent guides from this site.

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    I'd recommend you do neither, as cioscorp is dangerous and 3.2 is unnecessary.

    Just play games through your backup loader. You look at your system menu for all of 2 seconds.

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    Can you explain why cioscorp is dangerous?

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    providing you install bootmi on boot2 or preloader 0.29, Cioscorp is perfectly fine, don't listen to the scare mongers.

    P.s just remember to do a NAND backup before anything


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