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Thread: WAD Manager and a black screen

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    WAD Manager and a black screen

    Hi all,

    thanks for any help in this matter

    I'm really trying to downgrade from 4.0 to 3.2 firmware. Trouble is i can't do anything without my Wad Manager going straight to a black screen after trying to load it. Honestly there are a lot of HBC apps that go straight to a black screen after trying to load them and i'm not sure why.

    I did buy the wii used, and figured any problems i had i'd be able to work my way out of it. I've been working this for hours with no result. Any help would be appreciated.

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    No help really but it could be that the Wii was sold because it was messed up somehow.

    Have you tried different versions of Wad manager?

    Did the Wii come soft modded or was it something you have done since?

    And a word of caution I don't believe that downgrading to 3.2 would be wise with such an instable system, find the fauilt first and then consider it once fixed.

    EDIT: A further thought. Does your Wii serial number begin with LU64 or LU65?
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    thanks for replying. The version wii is a LU505.

    I was afraid that the reason he sold it which was already soft-modded was cause he had problems that he couldn't fix himself. I've tried different wad managers with no luck. I am however, working with v1.4 and actually beginning (just now) to get somewhere with it. Just tinkering away.


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