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Thread: I think my wii is gone =[ but willing to try anything

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    Unhappy I think my wii is gone =[ but willing to try anything

    Ok first off a little background information and this is my first post so please mind my knowledge XD. My friend convinced me to hack my wii (I live in the United States by the way so its ntsc) which was first at the 4.0U system menu before i hacked it and downgraded it to 3.2U with the hombrew channel and the iso downgrader thing (sorry if thats not correct i'm a newbie with these things). So anyway today one of my friends came on over with his brand new copy of the conduit (it is also ntsc) and so we stuck it on in the wii and loaded the disc channel which it then asked us to update. Thinking to myself alrighty then lets do it, I foolishly hit yes and it began updating to what I believe is 4.0 (if that is whatever the latest one is still). Afterwards it simply went to a black screen where I waited with my friend patiently for a few minutes. Relizeing something had to be wrong I held down the power button on the wii console until it went red but this time it would not even turn on to the black screen...instead the green light turned on but I could here it working as though it was powered on all the way but still no screen of any kind just the channel you have to turn to for my tv for the videogames to play was still on. So now I am panicing and still not sure what to do as I can not send it in to nintendo now since it is hacked and has no warrenty on it what should I do!!!??? Or can I even do anything at all even though no black screen comes up??? Also I don't have anything like bootmii or starfall or anything like that just homebrew channel which I can't get to now -_-.

    PS: I have heard of savemii and read about it and would first like to try the savemiifrii with one of my spare gamecube controllers but does that need to have a black screen to do so or will it hopefully then make the blackscreen appear after I do the gamecube controller thing with pressing left,right,up,down all at the same time???

    Thank you so very much for reading this and helping but i'm so doomed arn't I,

    Newbiestatic (A now wiiless 15 year old =[)

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    oooo man you may be screwed unless you can get savemiifrii to work (which i have heard sometimes doesn't work (but it worked for me) AND if that work's but in a game w/ a firmware higher than 3.2 (but you may be completly screwed because it may have deleted vital IOS's so it may not work but keep trying it takes me like 10 times to get savemiifrii to work. P.S. word ov advice unsrew GC controller to press on the D-pads

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    There does seem to be a pattern involving system menu downgrades to 3.2 and updates via discs causing bricks. Once you start modifying your Wii in such drastic ways you should never accept disc updates. If you'd stayed at 4.0 and hacked you'd probably have been fine.

    Savemiifrii loads Wii recovery and that will give you a display. Whether it works or not is another thing.

    At the moment your Wii software is messed up and it just doesn't know what to do, perhaps it's waiting for a non-existant IOS to load before it starts showing video.

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    yeah save me frii wont work for you and tealc99 is right if youve d.graded yet tried to upgrade via a disc it will certainly give you a low level brick however if you upgrade through the internet that wont happen i know from experience! as i was too anxious to play the conduit. ironically it caused me problems when i was trying to play a backup from america before it was released in the u.k so the only game that caused me trouble when it was illegally aquired is the game that killed me when it was legally aquired.

    just send your wii off to nintendo as its a low level brick they should be none the wiser but i just got off the phone to them today as i sent mine out and in the u.k it is 200 if they can detect modification which is a whole 30 pounds more dan buying it brand new and they cant even save your save data. and it is a whole 90 pounds more than a second hand one but in your case they wont find it and the price of repair will be between 27 - 65 so your most likely in luck

    SAVEMIIFRII DOES NOT WORK ON LOW LEVEL BRICKED WIIS AS IT NEEDS THE SYSTEM FLES INTACT IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE BANNER BRICK!! there is no help for you sorry to sound negative but its the harsh reality....

    EDIT: forgot to add if you have modchips inside remove it as it will further inflate your price the dumb thing is that software mods results in you paying more than hardware mods!
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    thank you to all that helped so rather then sending it in to nintendo I'm just simply going to sell my wii for parts and sell all my games as well =\ I have a ps3 though so i guess its alright it had a good life.

    Edit: Actually one more question if I can get a black screen to appear but savemiifrii doesn't work should I try savemii dongle or no?
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    hold it out for a couple months and keep the stuff you never know there could be a wii version of the pandoras battery coming out and you would kick yourself for giving it away never lose hope!!

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    lol thanks man I guess I could hold onto it for a while but wouldn't it lose even more value for its parts....
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    most likely but people always brick and you could use some very clever wording to bump up the proce but the point is a fix might come out so all the cash u spent on the wii wouldnt of been a total waste. im waiting for ninty to send my invoice if its 200 im going to tell them fuck off im gonna buy anuva one but send mine back keep it and if a fix comes out recover my stuff then sell that wii its fool proof lol!

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    lol good luck with that.

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    I had this exact same thing happen to me.
    SaveMiiFrii doesn't work. All I see is a black screen.
    I'd like to buy a SaveMii Dongle to see if it works
    but I can't find one anywhere.
    Any suggestions?

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