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Thread: Drivekey Help!!

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    Drivekey Help!!

    I have my wii modded with the Drivekey. I also have other burned wii games that I bought overseas that work fine. But, when I try to download and burn games, it doesnt work. Here's what I have been doing. I use Maxwell DVD-RW 4.7 GB disks, I use Winrar to extract the .iso files and I use imgburn at 4x speed to download. I have tried burned Tiger Woods 2010 & The Conduit with no luck. The game channel never brings the games up. It just goes to an error message saying the disc cant be recognized after about 10 secounds or so. The Imgburn program even tells me the disc was created sucessfully. What am I doing wrong?

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    My first guess would be to try plain dvd-r disk instead of dvd-rw. also, I'm assuming you set the dip switches correctly?

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    I didnt actually install the mod chip but I do have other burned games I bought overseas that work well in it. Only the games I download and burn do not work.


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