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Thread: the first problem ive had on a softmodded wii.. can someone help please?

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    the first problem ive had on a softmodded wii.. can someone help please?

    hi all, i softmodded my wii about a year ago, sat it at 3.2e and its worked flawlessly for the last year, with backups and originals.

    the loader i am using is gammaloader from - never had a problem.

    until now.

    the mrs went out and bought the next craze in her collection of fitness games, EA Sports Active, and it wont load through the Wii and it come sup with Error #200 through the loader.

    Ive searched this site and others and found a load of different answers ranging from using a certain launcher to binning the homebrew stuff and using nintendos official update. Sod that.

    Anyway, has anyone got a definitive answer of how to get this to work?

    Is this the trend now for all new wii games?

    Push comes to shove ill download it but i dont want to have paid 40 for some rubber bands and a strap.

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    First off, i'm gonna assume your lexdysic and it's 002 not 200 you're getting. As i've never heard of a 200 error.

    You need to use Neogamma. Turn on the 002 fix. If it's still not working you'll need to install some IOSs using wad manager. Check my sig for those. :: Downloads :: Other consoles :: NeoGamma R6

    edit: and to answer the last part. The 002 error is common for a lot of some-what new and newer games. You're just using an extremely outdated loader which doesnt auto correct for it.

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    Yes, i was being spasticated and typing numbers all wrong.

    Thanks for the to-the-point answer. Just going to sort it tonight hopefully.

    What are the IOSs on your signature for?

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    Yes youll need to install those ios'. Its very simple to do and will resolve that problem.

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    That didnt answer my question Jason - what are they and what do they do and are for? Im not installing anythign blindly.

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    they are ios from the newer games - if you are blocking disc updates via a loader/starfall then you may not have them and a lot of new games require them.

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    Thanks for that - do i just straightforward install them, or do i have to remove anything old?

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    straight forward install using Wad Manager. Don't need to worry about anything else.


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