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Thread: Wii Pink Fish

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    Wii Pink Fish

    I have got a question about the Wii Pink Fish disc. (a.k.a the "Wii Repair Disc")

    I am wondering if it is possible to change your MAC address with Pink Fish. I already know is possible to change it via the un-ban code that was recently released. (Google It)

    But that's what I want to know, is it possible to change the MAC address with the Pink Fish disc.

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    Dood you put so much effort into online cheating. It's amazing. Your life revolves around spamming cheats on online games. It's kind of neat. At least you're really motivated. You WILL win every online game versus every other 15 year old kid out there or die trying.

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    there's isn't an option to change your Mac Adress with pinkfish. Just your wiiD Use the unban code.


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