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Thread: Wii_Chinese make_few questions

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    Wii_Chinese make_few questions

    Hi to all,

    I am new in all these.

    I bought Wii in China month ago.
    I bought console, guitar, all other extensions and 26 games.
    Price - very cheap.

    All is working fine, I don't have any problem.
    Even I bought 26 games I don't have any game which support guitar.
    So I already downloaded Guitar Hero game (ISO file - 4.27 GB) and I am trying to burn it and play but no success - always I have: DVD Read Error 349

    I found many things and suggestions about this error and many other things about Wii - hacking, moding, backup copy, homebrew channel etc. Now I know little bit more about Wii but still not enough and I am confused.

    I don't know what I have?
    Is the Wii's software version new, actual or old?
    The Wii is already hacked or not?
    If it is hacked is it hacked with latest version or I can upgrade something?
    What I can and need to do more and what I don't need to do at all?

    I will try to explain what I have and I believe somebody skilled will analyze everything and tell me is it need some more action or not.

    1. Ver 3.2U
    2. On the screen I have:
    - Disc Channel
    - Forecast Channel
    - News Channel
    - Mii
    - Wii Shop Channel
    - Soft Chip Loader
    - Backup Channel - ( Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma, IOS 249) from here I
    am starting and playing games.
    - the homebrew channel - if I go to menu and press "about" it shows -
    1.0.1 IOS36 v.4.18
    - Photo Channel

    I think my Wii is already hacked:

    - Wii has the homebrew channel and backup channel and I start games from
    Backup Channel
    - For what is Soft Chip Loader?
    - I don't have SD card in the Wii - are the homebrew channel and Backup
    Channel working properly if SD card is not in the Wii?
    - I already prepared SD card and downloaded many files from Net and put on
    the SD card. What I need on the SD card and what I don't need?
    - I bought 26 games - 0.6 US $ each - so cheap games can't be original -
    they are copy 100 %.

    But now why not working my copy of the Guitar Hero game - why error 349.

    Many thanks for any advice, suggestion and help.

    Best regards

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    Wii is on an older 3.2, but is fine.
    Wii is hacked at least with softmod.

    All Wii iso of single layer must be 4.37GB, that's 4,589,824KB. The one you have stated is 4.27GB and 100MB short of the actual size.

    I would also try installing latest IOS that will enable you to play newer games. A good place to start would be IOS 37, 38, 53, and 55.

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    error 349 is media, try using a different brand of dvd-r and make sure it is a -r, not +r, also burn as slow as possible


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