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Thread: usb loader gx IJ and the Staff of Kings

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    usb loader gx IJ and the Staff of Kings

    Hi guys I have been reading and trying stuff for 3 days and I have not found the answer please help me. I have installed usb loader gx r584 and cios36v10 in my wii(us) and every game I have in my HDD works flawlessly but IJ the staff of kings(pal) every time i try it give me a green or black screen. I have tried 002 fix on and off , every video mode etc. so I read that one have to install cios38v13a and i did but when i do that usb loader gx wont recognize my HDD, I tried cios38v12 and cios 38v13b and the same problem , also tried usb loader gx r573, r582, r568 but the same problem. I went back to cios36v10 and the HDD swoed up again but green screen for Indy. I dont now what else to do. any sugestions?

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    turn on the anti 002 fix. And thanks for using the search feature. have a great weekend.

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    I solved the problem. The problem was that with cios38rev13a or 13b you have to connect your hdd in left usb port (in the bottom one if your console is laying horizontally.


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