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Thread: is halo 3 worth selling my wii

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    is halo 3 worth selling my wii

    is halo 3 worth selling my wii?

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    well according to your recent post about invites to private trackers, it seems that you were flooding the boards with usless questions, but hey, its a question.

    No Halo 3 is not worth selling your wii, if you have a 360 then buy halo 3, if you dont have a 360 then make that choice on your own, due to xbox having more mature games, while wii has more child oriented games. It is up to you, I enjoy both because I have both. Great investment on both parts.

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    I guess it just really depends on you man. Did you like halo 2 enough? If so then go for it but I think you will miss the wii

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    never, i consider halo3 to be a generic shooter

    and say you do get it, what about when you want say smash bros brawl? trade your 360 back to wii?

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    i would say no. just w8 for a few months and great games are going to come out. here are some examples:

    1.super smash bros, brawl
    2.super mario galaxy
    3.mario kart
    4.mario and sonic at the olmpics
    5.smackdown vs. raw 2008
    6.soulcalibur(only in US)
    7.the simpsons game
    8.dragon ball(even if u dont like the cartoon, this game is worth to pick)

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    Halo 3 wasn't that exciting, its just fun for multiplayer, and unless you're really good, xbox live probably wont be too fun.

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    Halo 3 is a good game, but def not worth it selling.

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    Halo 3 is awesome on multiplayer but to sell the wii just for that.... probably not

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    No! Super Mario is coming out soon!

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    Simply put, "Don't sell potential for a phase".
    I'll trade my box of games ($249+) for your single game ($59)? No contest.

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