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Thread: 6 or 9 wire install?

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    6 or 9 wire install?

    New to wii modding, but I've been modding consoles since 1996 ..Just got my d2pro9(without wiiclip) from canadamods with no instructions. Went to d2pro website and they show 6 or 9 wire(D2E) install. Says something about serial # on drive without much detail to where exactly to look for the sticker. So i am a little confused. Does not seem to be any detailed videos on install without wiiclip. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Also, why would anyone want to install 13/15/19 wires?
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    Depends on the firmware of the chip.
    The older chips required a 19 wire install to work correctly.

    Email canada mods and ask them for detailed install instructions.
    Id say yours is either 6 or 9 depending on how old his stock is.


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