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Thread: Issue with wii homebrew tutorial... thing

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    Issue with wii homebrew tutorial... thing

    After loading up everything into the SD card and loading everything through the proper channels, i get to the prompt to download the boot.dol/.elf.

    After choosing yes and it going through with the download, the screen goes black.

    I don't know if it's loading or it's frozen or whatever, but I've let it sit for an hour, at least.

    what should I do?

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    WII SERIAL THAT STARTS WITH LU64 OR LU65 ????if not try this..

    oyeah u have to be on 4.0 to do this,but worked for me..the problem i had was playing backups but fixed that too...

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    My Wii isn't LU64+.

    Trying from your link, the instructions take me up until
    This will start the Hackmii installer.
    It starts loading, fades to black and nothing happens. :-\


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