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Thread: Wii Wad Manager Problems

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    Exclamation Wii Wad Manager Problems


    I made my own Wii Channel using WADder. I don't if you guys are familiar or not with it, but that's not the point.

    So I made my Wad. First I downloaded Wad Manager 1.3. Got ERROR = (ret = -1). Then I tried another Wad Manager, but this didn't have a version number, was still made by Wainkoko or whoever I got it from GBA temp(I believe it was 1.4 without a title) and this gave me ERROR = (ret = 1).

    What I know:
    1. I installed the cIOS in this guide I think my cIOS could be the problem.(If so, how can I fix it so Wad Manager and BackupLauncher will work.)
    2. Backup Launcher runs my Backup Games just fine.
    3. MPlayer works.

    Yes I searched Google and the forums. I'm truly confused at it all. If you could please help me or link me to something you think might help me, then I gladly appreciate your help.

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    Sorry to do that, but I really need some help.

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    If anyone can help with this I have the same problem. I've been trying to upgrade my cios to version 13 or version 13b and no matter what wad I try to install I get error RET -1. It's been extremely frustrating as I cannot find any results either via google searches.

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    i had problems with wad manager 1.3 channel on my 8gb sdhc, but worked fine in wad manager 1.4 app.

    hope that might help

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    Thanks for the tried help.

    But nothing answers, my question.

    How do I get Wad Manager 1.4 to install Wads on Wii 3.4u? What cIOS do I need to run it and Backup Launcher.

    Please Reply Soon,


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