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Thread: Help with WBFS?

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    Help with WBFS?

    For some reason, when I run WBFS intelligent v6, and I try to format my external hard drive, it says "Incorrect or Unformated partition." When I put it in my Wii, it tells me I need to format, but when I click format, it gives me 4 partitions. They all say "Cannot be formatted"

    I'm using a Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB. I know its compatible cause I looked it up.

    I also ran it with WBFS MANAGER, and it formatted it. So idk what to do! I need to move the ciso files onto my Wii so I can play!

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    Hook the hdd to you PC and open wbfs manager and click the format button at the top and it should work? I have the same hdd that i bought from wal-mart and works perfect for me. It takes less than a minute. Make sure that you are selecting the drive letter from the drop down list before hitting format button. Hope that helps.

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    I am having same problem I can't get WBFS Manager to run correct so have been using WBFS Inteligent Gui. My Passport WD external drive it won't format. Please help I have formatted flash drive with no problem

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    if u r running cios rev10 or cios rev14 the usb loader on the wii should let u format the drive even cios rev12 will let u do it if not u r missing some cios i had a bich of a time formatting my wd hdd on the pc to u gotta format your drive to fat32 as ADMINISTRAtor then let windows assign a drive letter than go to wbfs manager and refresh drive list pick your letter and format should be good from there


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