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Thread: Softmod -v- Modchip -- An accurate breakdown

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    @mods. All the faq/tutorial sections are locked up where I can't post in them. Feel free to remove any replies to this and move it over to one of those sections.

    I know there's currently a guide that attempts to do the same. However, it also bases it's information on backup launcher .3 (WTF), and states softmoding can't do GCN backups (WTF) along with a slew of biased and subjective statements.
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    not to bugger your thread, but i thought softmod reads at 3x and some chips run 3x. Some mod chips read 6x so just some chips will have faster read speed..

    nominate for atleast a sticky

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    Changed it to reflect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ossot View Post
    Changed it to reflect.
    it's good to see it laid out like that, have you tried putting them into the pro con bubbles so they are noob friendly???

    Works on any firmware or make (LU64+)

    just tinkering maybe with

    •works on any chipset or firmware (lu64+)
    just a thought
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    and here i thought I was a VBulletin ninja. What bubbles?

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    Now that i think about, your probably right on not using chipset...

    heres a thrown together of what i meant i cant find a template, i cant get cs4 to make circles so this is a paint


    then make one for mod chips, but put the overlap in between everything
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    I debated the "chipset" change before posting. But I was afraid the wording would make it sound like I was referring to the modchip, and not the Wii itself.

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    nice post ossot - though i would class emulators/wiiware/HBC as softmod?

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    True true. I tried to use the other as a basis for that one. Wiiware I definitely wouldn't consider a mod at all. And HBC & emulators are more apps than mods really. HBC technically is a software modification, thus classifying it as a softmod. But I think it's end-goal and the overarching purpose and safety of installing it put it outside the boundaries of both.

    I guess none of those three really modify the Wii or it's firmware/ios's themselves. Once you get down to that next level, cios's, dvdx, preloader -- that's where I think the line is far less blurred.

    If you want to see lolz, read the old one in the sticky section. Not only does it not define HBC as a softmod, it gives the impression it's exclusive to modchips.


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