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Thread: A little help.

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    A little help.

    I'm completely new at the Wii modding scene, I'v done some research and unfortunately since the technology is advancing so fast ( well fortunately for that) that It's trouble to find up-to-date info during searches on what is best recommended for the current day. I want to get the most useful chip right now, meaning the one that has the least amount of problems, ease of use and compatibility and speed. Also, I want something that doesn't require soldering. I'm not sure what the exact model of my Wii is but I got it upon the initial release in the US.

    Since Drivekey seems to be the big thing now, I'v been considering it.. But then I keep seeing that it's speed is less the half that of the others like Wiikey 2, along with what seems like some other limitations. I'm pretty certain that my Wii is easy to get modded since it's the first batch so therefore I really just want the best available chip. I'v been looking at the Wiikey 2 now, since it seems to be the standard for chips and was just curious if anyone can point me in any right directions.

    I have also been researching the Wasabi Zero/ DX and though I'd probably even install the DX in the zero fashion for the speed, both of those options seem to perhaps be better then the Wiikey 2/Drivekey.. I'm thinking of the Wasabi Zero now as my prime choice and it's likely cheaper.
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    for your version of wii ...recommended in that order below

    d2pro 5/6

    wasabi zero


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    Thanks a lot for the responce. I was set on the Wasabi Zero but I'm curious why you choose the d2pro over it.


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