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Thread: LU64 4.0 need help

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    LU64 4.0 need help

    After couple of week trying to install HBC I am still stuck, Dogeggd has been very helpful but I am still stuck.
    I got this wii from Best Buy outlet bid on ebay.

    Have try 4 different manufacture SD card at 2gb, regular format and panasonic SDformatter, FAT FAT32.
    Try a lot of different aadxx download from bannerbomb website, or package from tutorials, or from Dogeggs; I either getting black screen or freeze and if getting pass those two, I am getting error -1030002011 installing ticket.

    I would like to start over fresh but don't know where to start and what to do now.

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    Had the same problem with my sd cards. with the black screen and freeze. My wii is a LU64 V4.0u all i did was format my wii and updated it through the wifi, then tried the card again (fat32) worked fine. followed Dogegged's LU64 4.0 fix tutorial to install HBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronzegate View Post
    ... followed Dogegged's LU64 4.0 fix tutorial to install HBC
    Huh I thought need to have HBC on before doing that guide LU64 fix, I will have to check that again. thanks

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    I thought thats what it said too. I'm in the same situation as you. Let me know how it goes

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    the LU64 4.0 fix has the files to install HBC. trust me tried every other tutorial out there and for a LU64/64 4.0 this one really works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diggy24 View Post
    I thought thats what it said too. I'm in the same situation as you. Let me know how it goes
    This guide is now out of date!
    Use this one here instead.
    You still can't downgrade, install a cIOS lower than r12 or install cioscorp

    Found this on gbatemp, some people are having success with it so it is worth trying It uses wiigators cboot2 to run a special wad manager that in turn you can use to install the LU64/65 fix. Download Here

    1: Copy contents of 'SD Card 1' to SD card.

    2: Put card in Wii and go to Data Management > channels > SD Card, then you will get a message saying "Load boot.elf? Select 'Yes'.

    3: Install Bootmii v2 as an IOS.

    4: Install the Homebrew Channel

    5: Remove SD card and save the Bootmii installation to your PC.

    6: Delete Bootmii installation off of your SD card and copy contents of 'SD Card 2' to your card.

    7: Now put card back in, restart your wii ,start HBC, press home then run Bootmii.

    8: The screen will be black for 10 seconds then Wad manager will run.

    9: Select uninstall first then install IOS16.wad and do the same for LU64.wad.

    10: Go to HB channel and run cIOS38_rev13b-Installer.

    11: Done, now you can install a backup loader or usb loader.

    guide orig posted by flavors, i just made it a bit (lot) more user friendly

    If you want Preloader on your LU64 then have a look here

    Just follow it as is and i will work

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    sorry i couldn't link the DOWNLOAD HERE part. just look up his post and it will be there. look it up through here or just google LU64/65 4.0 fix. open first page of the search results. hope this helps, let me know

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    I took an easy way out
    sold my LU64 and purchase another one off Craiglist, $10 down, but save me all the hassle.


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