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Thread: Tiger Woods 2010 PGNA GOlf NOT WORKING!!!

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    Tiger Woods 2010 PGNA GOlf NOT WORKING!!!


    I have instaled all hacks on my wii, homebrew, backup, and starfall.
    I bought this game, and when i try to run it, it says i need to update my wii.
    So to bypass this knowing i wud get bricked if i didn't, i installed STARFALL.
    Starrfall sucessfully bypassed the update, so now when i click on the play game button to start up my new golf game, the screen goes black, my controller stops respoding, but my wii is still on.

    (I tried this game on my friends wii who also has homebrew..ect. and starfall, and he had the ame issue, black screen, unresponsive controller, wii still on.

    PS: My other games still work, except for mario party 5 for the gamecube. It has the same probelem. And none of these games are scratched.

    Someone please help me!!!

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    use usb loader gx and make a backup, then on the game settings in the loader enable "anti 002"

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    NTSC TIGER WOODS 2010 Not working

    I have firmware 3.3u, homebrew and a few other apps to launch dvd backups, how do i get tiger woods to work? i try it in backup launcher 0.3 and i get a black screen, which forces me to restart. my externall hdd just broke yesterday ( i dropped it :-( ) so i cant run usb loader progs, just backup dvd discs. any help appreciated. thanks in advance!

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    First off, you're using a pretty outdated and antiquated loader. Go grab neogamma r6. Then use Wad manager to install the stuff in my sig.

    Then if things don't work then god hates you.

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