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Thread: New Japanese Wii 4.1 - Please help!!!!

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    New Japanese Wii 4.1 - Please help!!!!

    I want to buy this Japanese Wii with the new 4.1 firmware or possibly later than that.

    Pictures for Nintendo Wii (Monster Hunter 3 Bundle) -

    My first question is if I do this will I be able to install homebrews channel on it???

    Second question is if I can, will I also somehow be able to switch the languge over to english? The reason I want to buy a Japanese one is because its a Monster Hunter Tri limited edition Wii and I kinda want that one instead of buy a US wii and then just importing the game.

    Thank you for helping me~~!!!!

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    Yes on wiihacks they say bannerbomb has not been effected but why just not by one in english. in a backup loader you can just play what ever game region you want.

    P.S. if your still want 2 got with the japan one for some reason i am not sure about the anyregionchanger working

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    Okay I'll look up Bannerbomb, but could you post some links about it as well? I wanna get the best info I can on how to do this the right way. I modded my psp just fine so I'm sure with a good enough guide I can do it to a wii.

    I really need to know for sure though that I can do this with a Japanese wii though and as far as the anyregionloader - is that a disc? A program? I'll have to look this up too. Please post anything that can help shed some light on this topic~

    Thanks again!!!

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    Do you have the wii in your possession right now? because i need to varify the first four numbers of you serial number (located on the bottom of wii) the bannerbomb will still work but the anyregionchanger will not.

    bannerbomb link: bannerbomb

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    I dont have it now because I have not bought it yet, but if the anyregionchanger does not work does that mean that I wont be able to play US games on it? Because if thats the case then I wont buy it. The main reason I wanted it anyways was because its limited and black. There are no Black Wii's in the US

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    you could always hardmod it to play any region
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